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MP3 Mixer and DJ Software

  • Learn to Mix like a professional DJ by taking this online free mixing course for DJs. It is a 15 minutes beginner course to put you on track.

  • learn all the tips and strategies to succed as a professional DJ with this DJ eBook by DJ Spice

  • Discover a set of Software for DJ and specialized professional MP3 mixer solutions DJs use. Turn your PC into a powerfull MP3 mixing station.

  • Leagally get your MP3 and start building your DJ case from this High quality MP3 download sites. This is a leagal source for CD quality MP3 files.

  • Get professional and know all about MP3 mixing and DJ techniques with this selection of books and DVDs.

  • Finally, developers can find ActiveX solutions and MP3 OCX controls to develop their own MP3 mixer software.


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